Macmillan Children’s Books (part of Pan Macmillan Publishers, like Tor UK) needs YOU! This summer we are undertaking a task of epic proportions, and we’re drafting in our friends at Tor to help us out. And when I say epic, I mean EPIC. You know all those times Superman has saved the Earth from destruction? Mere child’s play compared to our mammoth mission!

Talking of child’s play… to celebrate the launch of the paperback of The Paper Dolls by Julia Donaldson and Rebecca Cobb we are attempting to break the world record for the world’s LONGEST EVER chain of paper dolls. I’m sure you’re wondering what this has to do with Tor, well let me show you THIS, beautifully crafted by Rob, Tor Marketer Extraordinaire…


Who are these lovely little characters holding hands and being world record breakers, I hear you ask?! That’s right! It is indeed Game of Thrones legends Joffrey, Sansa and Jon Snow and they are just three of the 34,500 paper dolls that we need to break the existing world record.

To give you some idea of just how long our world record chain of paper dolls needs to be, we’re looking at 60 lengths of an Olympic size swimming pool, 270 London buses and 11,500 A4 sheets of dolls! For the maths whizzes among you, you’ll know that that is a whopping 3kms in length, so now you see why we’re putting out a call to (hand-holding) arms! 

If the sight of Joffery and Sansa holding hands has got you all excited, imagine the creative possibilities getting involved with our world record gives you! How great would it be to see Arthur Dent, holding hands with The Doctor and Mad Max, making up part of the chain?! Or what about a superhero dream team like the one below?


We can’t wait to see the brilliant dolls you all come up with, inspired by your favourite Tor characters and sci-fi heroes! And if I haven’t sold this fun and creative WORLD RECORD-BREAKING attempt to you already, for each paper doll that makes up our chain, Macmillan Children’s Books will be donating 10p to Save The Children, so what are you waiting for?

Visit to download blank templates to use as a base for your dolls and for instructions on how to return the dolls to us. We need all the dolls back with us by 28th August, and it would be great if you could write your name and TOR on the back so we can post pictures of the best dolls we get back on the Tor blog! Please do also tweet about this #paperdolls. Crayons at the ready… steady… GO!