My job is pretty much what it says on the tin. I work in the Communications department and am part of the Digital team. My day to day is spent managing the development of new websites on our web platform or updating and enhancing existing ones. Last year I worked with Tor on the update to their homepage and I have a few more ideas for this year.

My other major Tor project was updating www.panmacmillan.com to enable us to sell Tor DRM-free ebooks. We also added the My Account area to keep copies of any ebooks you buy from us safe and ready to redownload if you ever need to. This was a big team effort which we turned around in three months from start to finish! 


My day is spent answering *a lot* of internal questions and liaising with developers and designers on multiple projects. I also attend senior team meetings, business meetings and meetings for areas of the business which I'm focusing on at that point in time. Basically I have a lot of meetings! 

Occasionally I end up doing slightly random things to help out. Recently I had the pleasure of photographing our author Seth Patrick in return for lunch (cough, cough, Julie).


Seth Patrick

* * * * *

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