Uprooted by Naomi Novak - the new paperback cover!

Seldom has a book attracted more heartfelt praise than Uprooted

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Illustration of a castle surrounded by a wood in which a thorny red rose is growing

Uprooted is a gem of a novel that contains joy, heartache, adventure and breathless excitement. Like all the best stories based on fairy tales, there's also a touch of darkness to add some spice to its charms . . . It's no wonder there was a three-studio bidding war for movie rights! And now, this wonderful novel gets to wear a beautiful new face for its paperback edition, in May next year. Our head of design has done an outstanding job here. See below for the new paperback cover - the golden parts will be gilded in gold foil too for extra sumptuousness. The striking hardback cover art is on the right, for comparison, also looking very fine indeed. What do you think?! You can catch an extract of Uprooted here too, to experience a hint of its magic. 

Here are just some of those amazing quotes:

‘Uprooted by Naomi Novik is enchanting, in every sense of that fine old word’
Robin Hobb
‘Uprooted has everything I love: a great heroine, new takes on old myths and legends, and surprising twists and turns. A delight.’
Cassandra Clare
‘So vividly believable that it almost seems you could work the spells. But the book will do that for you.’
Ursula K. Le Guin
‘Uprooted has everything I love about Novik's writing style, with the added bonus of some old world magic and the flavor of a dark faerie story.’
Patrick Rothfuss
‘Wild, thrilling and deeply, darkly magical.’
Lev Grossman
‘Seems like a lost tale of Grimm newly come to light ... I might even call it bewitching.’
Gregory Maguire
‘Magical and practical, otherworldly and planted in the real, I could NOT stop reading this book.’
Tamora Pierce