Welcome to The Temporal Void reread, part the first! We’re going to start off by reading Chapter One and Inigo’s Eighth Dream, both fairly substantial chapters, and with plenty of interesting events. So, without further ado…

Chapter One

Strangely enough, it would be the oak trees that Justine Burnelli remembered from the day Centurion Station died.

What an opening line! And what a way to kick off Temporal: the destruction of Centurion Station, home to the Void observation project for millions of years. And so the evacuation takes place in earnest, all species present making their escape from the gravity-wrecked planet, with the DF spheres moving into place as part of the Raiel’s last-ditch effort to stop the Void, dimming the local star as they do so. And among all this chaos a single Silfen is observed, with Gore telling Justine that, simply, “the Silfen live to experience.” Justine decides that returning to the Commonwealth is not her goal now, but instead to head towards the Void to see if she can enter and do anything there, and asks Gore to ask the Second Dreamer for help in doing so. 


Living Dream now put their plans into action by opening a wormhole to Colwyn City, Viotia to bring the planet into the Free Market Zone, a plan that is nothing more than a ploy in order to get their people on the streets of where the Second Dreamer is found to live.


Oscar and the Knights Guardians are in the Elvin’s Payback approaching Viotia on their own mission, with Paula Myo contacting them to let them know about the Second Dreamer’s location. Heading in stealthed, they infiltrate the networks, and Living Dream itself, to try to stop them from using her to their own ends.


A panicked Troblum brings Mellanie’s Redemption to Sholapur to visit Stubsy Florac and collect his prized and valued collection of Starflyer War paraphernalia. He puts a call through ANA to Paula Myo in order to meet her there, but once the call ends Troblum discovers a nasty surprise waiting for him: the Cat. With options limited, and the complete despair that Troblum feels knowing just what the Cat is capable of, he agrees to let her wait for Paula, promising that if she wins he’ll blow all of them to hell.

Paula arrived on Sholapur earlier than Troblum, sitting in stealth to see who else heads to Florac’s villa, practicing her piano playing while waiting. When it’s time, Paula suits up, gets a couple of combatbots out of storage and makes her way to meet Troblum, expecting things to go far from smoothly - and that’s exactly what happens. After a devastating fight between herself and this unknown – to her – foe, during which Troblum makes a getaway aboard his ship, she tries to save Florac in order to get information, but the Cat wasn’t going to let that happen. Paula contacts ANA to update it on the events that just occurred, while her memory starts putting pieces together, and the realisation of who drew her in dawns…


Araminta finally recognises that she is the Second Dreamer, the one who has been communing with the Skylord, the one who now refused its wish – and that of all of Living Dream – of joining it in the Void. And when she awakens she discovers just that her rejection has seemingly started a devourement phase. She heads home, witnessing the force from Ellezelin around the city as it attempts to find the Second Dreamer – her. Contacting Cressida, Araminta agrees to reserve a starship ticket off the planet with her cousin and others, escaping all that is occurring. And we leave her, for now, on this note:

Araminta forced herself to get to her feet. She didn't know what she was going to do, but doing nothing was not an option.


In the aftermath of Sholapur, Troblum is holed up in his ship trying desperately to calm down – and failing. Knowing that the Cat is still out there terrifies him to the point of paranoia. So he settles down to convert Mellanie’s Redemption into an ultradrive capable starship, and plans to contact the only person left that he trusts, Oscar Monroe, with information on the Accelerators. 

Inigo’s Eighth Dream

Edeard awoke to the marvel of soft fingers caressing his abdomen.

Well, that’s a pleasant way to be woken in the morning! And it seems the Waterwalker is taking full advantage of his new-found fame, bedding many of the local girls and honing his telekinetic ability in more, well, intimate ways. And it seems that he isn’t the only of the squad to benefit, with Boyd seeing a daughter of the Matran District Master, unheard of for a baker’s son. It is the last day of Arminel’s trial, and that is where the squad heads, though Dinlay is still in hospital, but should be out before long. The politics of Makkathran are shown once again, with the Mayor himself, Owain, taking the role of chief judge – a rare event indeed. And as closing arguments are made Finitan informs Edeard of an offer he will be made after the trial, and what message his answer will reflect…


Everyone is guilty! All sentenced to the Trampello Mines! Arminel gets life!

“May the Lady bless your soul upon its ascent into the radiant heavens, for no one else will.”

There are congratulations all around for Edeard and his squad, with Edeard promising Master Solarin that there will be plenty more to come. Amongst those present after the trial we see Captain Ivarl, the owner of the infamous House of Blue Petals, and a man that Chae himself refers to as the de facto leader of the city’s gangs, and probably the man behind the events at Birmingham Pool. But Ivarl acts the part and is pleasant enough with Edeard, even going so far to offer him hospitality, to which Edeard offers a thinly veiled threat regarding the Myco district.


Back at the Jeavons station all are congratulating the squad, and the Chief Constable, Walsfol, makes a personal appearance to talk to Edeard. It is here that Edeard receives the offer that Finitan and warned him of – promotion to corporal – which Edeard graciously accepts.


Celebrating his promotion that night, Edeard receives advice and wise words from his fellow squadmates. From here Edeard makes his excuses in order to pay an arranged visit to the Zelda district. On his way Salrana appears and they talk and kiss, but Edeard still feels a sense of duty, hesitating to move forward without reservation. She lets him know of the gossip about him what everyone in the city is discussing, much to his dismay, and that she is also leaving the city on assignment to a hospital in Ufford for the winter. They part with the promise of them being lovers upon her return.

He continues through the city until stopping to practice communing with Makkathran’s slumbering mind to allow him down to the tunnels under the city, permitting him to travel without fear of being seen. He ends up at the House of Blue Petals and, under concealment, enters to see what information he can uncover. He makes his way to Ivarls private room where the good Captain is holding court with other gang members and, to his surprise, Nanitte, Macsen’s lover. It is here that he settles down to listen…


It’s just after New Year and the day has come where Edeard will use the information gained from his regular visits to the House of Blue Petals to foil a robbery. With Ivarl’s plans made and re-made, he believes that nothing will stop the robbery, but Edeard has other ideas. Along with assistance from the Neph and Bellis stations, and warrants all in order, the task gets underway. When news that Ivarl is at the ingots location reaches Edeard, he dispatches a runner to the other squads, revised plans now in motion. A last minute change of plan that Edeard observed meant that the ingots were not where they should be, but instead at another location in Sampalok, and one that only Edeard knows of. Chae observes Ivarl as news of this change reaches him, and he’s not happy, especially as Edeard and the squads are now surrounding one of his safe houses full of many, many dubious items. With his plans in tatters, and the constables taking possession of everything within the house, Ivarl once again offer Edeard his hospitality, despite knowing of its futility. And once again Edeard proves to the gangs of Makkathran that their time is at an end.

And here we are, at the end of the first part of The Temporal Void reread. With events in the Commonwealth really starting to get underway, and Edeard’s plight to rid Makkathran of crime beginning in earnest, we’ve got one honious of a ride ahead! Join me next time as we tackle Chapter Two and Inigo’s Ninth Dream. Until then fellow readers!

And from here we can now move on to The Temporal Void to discover just what these events will lead us to. So, let’s begin! Join me here next week for the first parts of The Temporal Void: Chapter One and Inigo’s Eighth Dream.


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