We are excited to unveil for you a snapshot of Vurt in this amazing trailer, put together for us by Curtis McFee. Here you have the essence of Vurt, captured with fresh, bold graphics and music that twists and loops in the mind. A bit like Vurt itself some might say! You can see the trailer here, with just some of that amazing praise for Vurt from William Gibson, Chuck Wendig and The Times etc. below the screen:


‘VURT was an SF novel that was really fresh and peculiar at a time when we were constantly being told that lots of SF novels were really fresh and peculiar, but they often weren’t’
William Gibson

‘It was subversive, transgressive. It got under your skin like Cronenberg, or like Poppy Brite’
Chuck Wendig

VURT was a better Philip K. Dick novel than most of Dick’s own books. Like NEUROMANCER, VURT felt utterly of its time and a little ahead of it …To this day, whenever I see a stray feather on the ground I think of VURT’
Richard Kadrey

‘It was, much more than NEUROMANCER, the SF version of my life’
Paul Cornell

Vurt is a gripping piece of speculative fiction’ 

‘Passionate, distinctive, demanding and enthralling’ 
The Times

‘Refreshing, disturbing and original’

‘Too beautiful for bikers, too harsh for hippies’ 
New Stateman and Society

‘An audacious fantasia, exhibiting a narrative daring and command few new writers can boast, sweeping the reader along’
Publishers Weekly 

‘A loosely sketched but perfectly realised future that is familiar yet totally alien…Vurt was a breath of fresh air at the time it was published and it remains so today’

*  *  * *  *

The 20th Anniversary Edition of Vurt features a foreword by Lauren Beukes and three fantastic new short stories, all set in the extraordinary world of Vurt. Both the 20th anniversary edition of Vurt and the reissue of Pollen are published this month. And you can find out more about Jeff Noon and his books, by both Jeff and Team Tor, on here.