We asked a selection of our Tor authors to share with us what is on their Christmas list this year.  Their answers range from the practical to the more unusual (we are not sure John Lewis do dragons). 


Seth Patrick, author of The Returned: "If I can ask for anything, then I want the Nostromo. Full size, fully functional. Failing that, a house based on the full-size Nostromo, with a play-room that’s exactly like the Space Jockey chamber. Given that my wife wants her house to be Bag End, that’d be one hell of a tonal shift for people trying to find the toilets at a party.

If I have to be realistic, I’ll plump for ‘Alien the Archive: The Ultimate Guide to the Classic Movies’. That way, when 3D printers can do whole houses I’m ready to go."

Lucy Hounsom, author of Starborn: "This year all I want for Christmas is a dragon and together we would travel the world, bringing justice to the wronged and fiery death to all who opposed us... er, I mean evil-doers of course."

FR Tallis, author of The Voices: "All I want for Christmas is ... a chateau in the Loire filled with paintings by Lucien Freud and Francis Bacon, a clavichord, and one of those really massive bars of Toblerone you can buy in duty free shops."

Paul Cornell, author of The Severed Streets: "Ooh, some action figures, please!"

Peter F Hamilton, author of The Abyss Beyond Dreams: "a flying DeLorean, surely they're making them by now?"

Laura Lam, author of False Hearts: "All I want for Christmas is...time to read an awesome book while wearing fuzzy slippers and cuddling cats. At the moment, time to laze about sounds like bliss."