Neal Asher's gripping Transformation series continues in May 2016 with War Factory in hardback.

Following Dark Intelligence - which is out in paperback this month - War Factory is a high-octane space opera set in Asher's Polity universe. Here, humanity lives alongside powerful artificial intelligences in the uneasy aftermath of a great war with the alien Prador. A war that some would love to reignite. Check out our EPIC cover, illustrated by Larry Rostant, and more on the plot is below:



In War Factory, Thorvald Spear is still desperate to hunt down the damaged artificial intelligence, Penny Royal. While at war with the alien prador, the AI had apparently left Spear to die and killed thousands of his comrades. But now things aren't as clear-cut as they’d seemed. Does Spear remember the correct version of events? Has Penny Royal been meddling with his recall and his very identity? And if so, why… 

The prador Sverl also pursues Penny Royal, to confront the AI over changes it made to his biology. Sverl is transforming into something part-human and part-AI, a betrayal to his own kind. And the prador Cvorn plans to use Sverl’s conversion to trigger a new war with humanity – if he can track down Sverl in turn.

Penny Royal seems set on returning to its origins, to a long-missing War Factory. And the AI's enemies will follow it to the bitter end. Their sanity hangs in the balance – as does a potential galactic war.

*  *  *  *  *

War Factory comes out in hardback on the 5th May 2016. So there's still plenty of time to read Dark Intelligence! Why not try a free extract, here

Praise for Dark Intelligence


'What Asher delivers here is state-of-the-art SF on so many levels . . . a compelling, smart read'


'One of his best works so far . . . Asher is a modern master of Sci-Fi'

Starburst Magazine

'Beautifully paced . . . does just as well as at slam-bang action scenes as at painting frightening pictures . . . This is space opera at a high peak of craftsmanship'

Publishers Weekly

'An imaginative, epic space opera that manages to present a dark future universe full of vibrant spaceships, people, creatures and intelligence. Highly enjoyable and highly addictive'