http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tfLrnZLaQaE If you missed episode one of Dirk Gently last night, based of course on Douglas Adams’ fantastic books, you can watch again HERE. It’s available for a few weeks too for catcher-uppers and Radio 5 interviewed series star Stephen Mangan on playing Dirk HERE.

In the first instalment of the series, Gently discovers the connection between two seemingly-unrelated cases. A client who believes the Pentagon are trying to kill him and another whose horoscopes appear to be coming true. When mysteries collide, Dirk is of course only man for the job. There are two more episodes to come, on the next two Mondays so enjoy!

And if you’d also like to read the books, have a look at DIRK GENTLY’S HOLISTIC DETECTIVE AGENCY, also THE LONG DARK TEA-TIME OF THE SOUL. Douglas Adams was happy to give a quote for book 1, which says it all we think! 

‘A thumping good detective-ghost-horror-who dunnit-time travel-romantic-musical-comedy-epic’ by the author.

So there you go. Enjoy!