Mentally I've already scoffed the turkey, toasted the champagne and sang a few rousing choruses of 'Auld Lang Syne' - 2014 was SO last year. In fact we're already starting on edits for 2016 - I'm living in the future. We've got some really exciting new books in 2015 - a few debuts, some publications I know that have been eagerly-awaited by fandom and a range of exciting new books from existing authors for you to sink your teeth into.

So what's exciting Team Tor UK in 2015? Everything of course. But I can't go through the whole list! So check out our first six months of the books we think you should be looking forward to . . . the next six months will follow in January!

Genevieve Cogman - *TOR UK DEBUT ALERT*

invisible-frame_2The Invisible Library (15th January 2015) is an explosion of book amazingness in the brain. It’s the perfect blend of adventure, wit, worldbuilding and pace. It’s also steeped in all manner of tempting influences, for example, one character has been crafted in the tradition of Sherlock Holmes. Think Doctor Who as a female librarian spy.

 N. K. Jemisin is also a big fan, saying: ‘I absolutely loved this … flavored with truly unique mythology and a dash of the eldritch. Such clever, creepy, elaborate worldbuilding and snarky, sexy-smart characters!’

dark-intelligence_2Neal Asher

Dark Intelligence (29 Jan 2015 - check out the signing at Forbidden Planet) a no-holds-barred SF adventure and the first in a new trilogy. It’s also a return to Asher's popular Polity universe.

Here Thorvald Spear wakes in hospital, having been brought back from the dead. He died in a human vs. alien war which ended a whole century ago. But when he relives traumatic final moments, he finds the spark to keep on living – vengeance.

the-rithmatist-by-brandon-sanderson_2Brandon Sanderson - *TOR UK DEBUT ALERT*

The Rithmatist (26 Feb 2015) is a fabulous story of magic and mayhem, centred around the arithmetic-based magic of ‘Rithmatics’.  YA readers will enjoy this fast-paced adventure just as much as adults.

The story starts in Armedius Academy, a school for the magically gifted. Danger hits the school when someone starts kidnapping top Rithmatic students and people are dying. Since he's not a magic user, young student Joel seems safe. But to prove himself, he’s determined to catch the killer. But huge dangers await him.

The book is a New York Times bestseller, has been fabulously reviewed and is a must-read!

Adrian Tchaikovsky

Adrian hasn't just got one new novel out in 2015. No - the man who wrote ten novels in the Shadows of the Apt series in five years has THREE new novels out this year.

guns-of-the-dawn-new-v_2In Guns of the Dawn (publishing 12 February 2015) Adrian pulls off a Jane Austen meets Sharpe style novel and does so brilliantly. With warrior warlocks, love triangles and more action than you could aim a musket at it's a fabulous historical fantasy and a thoroughly enjoyable read.

Children of Time is Adrian’s first science fiction novel – and it’s epic. The last remnants of humanity left a dying earth behind, desperate to find a new home. Then when they finally find it, terror is waiting. Think Battlestar Galactica meets Alien - dramatic, stirring and a story with big themes. People seeking a sense of wonder will find everything they need here. 

And last, but certainly not least the start of a new epic fantasy series The Tiger and the Wolf (19 November 2015) is the story of a young girl who is able to shift into the two forms - that of a wolf of her own clan - but also that of their mortal enemies - the tiger. It's a coming-of-age story about the choices she has to make to decide where she belongs set against a backdrop of warfare and politics. Fantastically-written and a rip roaring read. Adrian's on top form!

Col Buchanan

If you haven't read the first two novels in Col Buchanan's fabulously original fantasy series then you're in luck because we're reissuing them both in the months prior to The Black Dream being published 12 March 2015. The Times called the series 'something special'. So if you love epic fantasy in the vein of Steven Erikson, then look no further. And how much do I LOVE these amazing covers by Larry Rostant?

              farlander_1         stands-a-shadow-v_1       black-dream-v7_1

lucy-hounsom-copyright-lou-abercrombie_1Lucy Hounsom - *TOR UK DEBUT ALERT*

Starborn by debut author Lucy Hounsom is most definitely one of our most anticipated books of 2015. The magical world Hounsom has created is completely captivating, and the fast paced story makes it a really exciting and accessible read. We were entirely drawn in by Hounsom’s characters, particularly Kyndra, the reluctant hero, who is forced to flee her village after accidentally breaking a sacred artefact at her coming-of-age ceremony, and find all hands turned against her.

That's just the tip of the iceberg we have LOADS more in the pipeline - a new acquisition yet to be announced, a new Adam Nevill yet to be edited, lots of second books in series just waiting to be picked up and hmmm did we mention it was the 15 year anniversary of China Miéville's Perdido Street Station?! Watch this space because 2015 is going to rock! ;-)

Merry Christmas from all at Team Tor UK. xx