View Post-Apocalyptic London in a larger map


The Post Apocalyptic Book Club have come up with a handy map to highlight the locations one should avoid (or be drawn to) in our fair city if you like your dystopian fiction.



You can find The Ministry of Truth from 1984, The University from The Day of the Triffids, Sloane Square where the Daleks first landed on their planned invasion of Planet Earth (one can only presume they wanted to pop into Hugo Boss to be sufficiently accessorized) amongst many others!

I can see an alternative London Pub crawl being arranged! It's what V would do.



Any other suggestions for Locations? Pop them in the comments below! Not necessarily in London but I would like to add Woking, yes Woking (photographic proof below in the form of the tripod stature in the town square). This is where those long legged evil martians from HG Wells'  War of the World's first landed. Personally I would have chosen Sloane Square.