We LOVE Twitter.  It is where we find out all our news as well as those all-important cute cat pictures and Star Wars casting announcements.  And we are not alone in our twitter obsession, it is estimated that there are over 15 million active users in Britain!  That is a hell of a lot of cute cat pictures being shared.  In honour of the Follow Friday tradition (handy explanation in form of a comic from @Oatmeal here) we have decided to share with you each week our top twitter accounts to follow, from the world of SFF books, games, films and TV.  If someone is funny/interesting/controversial we want to follow them, and we suspect you will too! So without further ado, here is who we are following this week!

Who we are following: @Paul_Cornell


Well, we couldn’t help starting with one of the Tor family, author Paul Cornell.  Paul is COOL.  Not only does he write for us (natch), but he also writes for the SFF holy trinity: Marvel, DC and Doctor Who.  Which makes him all kinds of cool.  His twitter feed is a mixture of Whovian trivia, comics, gossip from conventions (he goes to everything), sneak previews of his London Falling series and all round SFF camaraderie. 

Typical tweet:

'I think when Sarah Jane left, everyone should have listened to Tom a bit more, apart from him wanting no companion at all.'


'Anyone who's not a Who fan coming in in the middle of this will be wondering what's going on.'

Follow Paul here and let us know who you are following in the comments below!