For all you William Horwood fans (and those that aren’t but should be), here is the cover of HARVEST, the third instalment in Horwood’s richly imagined Hyddenworld series, out in October.  


It is August, time of the first harvest, traditional time of plenty. But at the farthest reaches of the Hyddenworld, in sea-bound Englalond, disaster looms. A blight in the land is growing, marked by quakes and increasingly unnatural blizzards. Judith is tasked with healing the land, but this burden is almost unbearable. Lonely and lovelorn, she threatens to reap a terrible harvest of her own.

Yet a trio of hydden travellers hold out hope – for both the land and the war threatening the hydden people. For Jack and Katherine, Judith’s parents, the shadow of the hydden Empire’s army looms large. They must muster allies or it will mean disaster for the city of Brum. And only Bedwyn Stort, Brum’s famed scrivener, has the courage to unravel a secret that could heal their world.

The lost gem of Autumn must be found and Stort must risk death to seek it. Only his love for Judith will give him the will to endure – and bring her the gem she needs to tame the wild earth.


. . . Makes me feel all autumnal looking at it! Check out the previous titles, HYDDENWORLD: SPRING and AWAKENING (out in paperback in August).



‘Elements from historical fiction, folk tales and legends. The real hook, though, is the characters . . . The writing is beautiful’

Waterstones Books Quarterly

‘Everything that I hoped for began to happen . . . It was a delight to read'


‘This is a return to the traditional; an intimate, delicate and delightfully written novel’