This month sees the paperback launch of the beautiful and epic Harvest, by William Horwood. This continues the quest of a few key characters to hold back the impending disaster that is facing their world, and you can find a free extract from the book here. And don't forget that the dramatic final volume, Winter, is out in December. 

The books feature a people known as the hydden. They live alongside us and and have similar hopes and fears, but their existence is shrouded in secrecy. But now human and hydden must work together, or they may face the end of everything they know and care about . . . William Horwood tells us a bit more about the inspiration behind the series in an eloquent interview here and the full blurb for Harvest is here.

FantasyBookReview.co.uk said the first book in the cycle was 'a delight to read' as you can see here in a review of Hyddenworld: Spring: 'Everything that I hoped for began to happen. I began to really warm to the characters and to care about what happened to them. The converging storylines came together neatly, the paragraphs lengthened and as Jack and Katherine descended into the mysterious Hyddenworld the book got better and better until, at its end, I was left open-mouthed at just how good it had become. The last fifty pages of this book gave me my happiest reading experience in recent years.'

You can read the full review here and as far as praise goes, you can't get much better than that!

I was enthralled by William's wonderful Duncton Wood series when I was much younger, so make sure you look into these for more Horwood magic. Here is just some of praise these books have attracted so far:


Hyddenworld series

‘The writing is rich and emotive’

‘A new series that builds on the fantasy genre, taking in elements from historical fiction, folk tales and legends. The real hook, though, is the characters: each is introduced with such care that the reader really gets to know them and is genuinely concerned about the story. The writing is beautiful, and should appeal to readers who enjoy the fictions of Philip Pullman, J. R. R. Tolkien or Trudi Canavan’ 
Waterstones Books Quarterly:   

‘William Horwood is a wonderful writer’

‘There are some lovely ideas… eminently likeable’ 

‘This is a return to the traditional; an intimate, delicate and delightfully written novel’

‘A real gem of a novel . . . It’s colourful, it’s incredibly creative and this new series is one that will soon become a firm favourite’
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