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Following Dark Intelligence, War Factory is set in Asher's Polity universe. Here, humanity lives alongside powerful artificial intelligences in the uneasy aftermath of a great war with the alien Prador. A war that some would love to reignite…

Previously left to die, Thorvald Spear now joins forces with alien prador Sveri to hunt down the very thing that caused them both to suffer. But can they trust their own version of events and changing biology? As Spear and Sveri hunt the AI known as Penny Royal, all roads seem to lead to a long-missing War Factory station. Penny Royal seems intent on returning to the factory that produced its twisted intelligence, and the AI enemies will follow it to the bitter end. Their very sanity - and a possible war - depend on it.


‘The man’s a national treasure’ SFX

‘Asher rocks’ David Brin

'Asher is a modern master of Sci-Fi’ Starburst

You can find out more information on Neal Asher and the Polity Universe here:

Twitter: @nealasher

Website: theskinner.blogspot.co.uk