Lucinda Riley’s The Seven Sisters is coming to TV

29 June 2016

By The Window Seat

lucinda riley’s bestselling the seven sisters series may be coming to television in the not too distant future.  

la production company raffaella productions is to create a multi-season television series based on pan macmillan author lucinda riley’s bestselling the seven sisters series.
loosely based on the mythology of the star constellation known as the pleiades (‘the seven sisters’), riley’s book series brings the sisters into the modern world.

two novels from the series - the seven sisters (2014) and the storm sister (2015) – have been published to date and the third, the shadow sister, will be published in the uk this november.
producer raffaella de laurentiis came across the books during production for 'what happened to monday?' - a sci-fi action thriller which also features a story of seven sisters – and immediately saw its appeal. she comments:
'while riley’s story line is completely different from 'what happened to monday?', the book’s title and the seven sisters connection compelled me to read it. though 'what happened to monday?' deals with seven sisters in quite a different time and setting, the coincidence was just too much to resist. i immediately fell in love with lucinda’s story.'
irish author lucinda riley wrote her first novel at twenty-four. hothouse flower was a richard and judy book club choice and became a number one international bestseller. she is now a new york times bestselling author, her books having sold more than eight million copies in thirty-nine languages. she has just completed research on the pearl sister, the series’ fourth book, which will take one of the sisters to both thailand and the outback of australia, the very heart of the seven sisters myth.
jeremy trevathan, publisher, pan macmillan, comments:

'i'm so delighted that lucinda's sweeping romantic saga of seven sisters will reach the screen. her books are so visual that i can see how well they would work for television.'

loosely based on the the mythology surrounding the famous star constellation, lucinda riley's the seven sisters series, follows five adopted sisters as they travel across the world in search of their true heritage. 

the first two books in the series,the seven sisters and the storm sister, are out now. 

the third book in the series, the shadow sister, will be published in the uk this november.


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