pattie boyd, marsha hunt, yoko ono, christie brinkley . . . and stella scott. how would it feel to be the inspiration for a legendary love song?

maeve haran finds out in her latest novel, what became of you, my love.

at eighteen, stella was the ethereal muse who inspired a rock classic. half a lifetime has passed since the charismatic cameron keene immortalized her in a song played by a million lovers – a lifetime that includes a husband, daughter and beloved grandchildren.

now, bruised by life, cameron has come back to find her, forgetting that he – as well as she – is no longer young.

to get you in the mood for her brilliant brand of witty nostalgia, maeve has created a playlist of great tracks from the era.

maeve haran's what became of you, my love? is out on the 28th january. start reading now.