Suffragette: The Battle for Equality

06 February 2018

A powerful, exquisitely illustrated celebration of the women’s suffrage movement by the award-winning artist David Roberts with a foreword by Lauren Laverne.

In 1918 the first women won the vote in the United Kingdom, an important victory in the on-going battle for equality. Marking this centenary, Suffragette is the compelling story of some of the extraordinary women and men who fought for that vote – it tells of daring deeds and unshakeable persistence; of comradeship and courage.

‘One hundred years since women first won the right to vote we continue to challenge ourselves on gender equality and the expectations and roles of women and men. Slowly we chip away at the limitations and barriers to equality that previous generations, and many people still today, suffered and suffer. Femininity does not equal weakness, and gender equality benefits everyone.

The campaigners for women’s suffrage understood that, and I hope you will enjoy reading some of their extraordinary stories as much as I have enjoyed telling them’ - David Roberts



Suffragette brings to life the many vivid characters of the women's suffrage movement - from the militant activist and wheelchair user Rosa May Billinghurst to the world-famous Emmeline Pankhurst, Millicent Fawcett and Emily Wilding Davison.

Covering the whole range of female and male suffragist experiences - from aristocrats to the middle and working class as well as a look at the global struggle for universal suffrage, Suffragette makes a fantastic introduction to a fascinating topic.

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