Tuesday Cooper runs off to Glastonbury to meet her Secret Rockstar Boyfriend in the middle of her exams and without her mum's permission, which isn't advisable, but imagine if you could go to loads of cool festivals for work!

Today's guest on our How I Got My Job series is Ella from Full Fat PR, who works at amazing festivals all over Europe. As yet her mum hasn't seen Ella's picture partying at a festival in the Sunday paper, but she has definitely read Ella's coverage in the papers promoting the cool projects she works on.

‚ÄčTell us what you do for a living.

I am co-founder of a relatively new (three-and-a-half years old) boutique PR agency which specialises in festival PR alongside wider lifestyle, culture and entertainment projects. I am now in the midst of our hectic festival season where we as a team spend the months travelling up and down the country and across Europe working at music festivals, managing all the media and making sure there is lots of great noise about all the events we work with.

How did you go about getting your job? What did you do before that?

I fell into PR whilst gaining some brilliant work experience at the Clothes Show Live. Having just left university (where I studied History. . . far removed from my job now!) I was searching for that perfect career move and the opportunity came up. After a few weeks in the office I worked hard and was fortunate enough to be invited to come up to Birmingham to work for the week-long show where I met their external PR team. From there everything snow-balled and I soon landed a three month internship at that agency, squeezed in another internship at the British Fashion Council working on London Fashion Week and then returned when I was offered a job as an Account Executive. Two-and-a-half years later, having met my current business partners, we set up Full Fat. There was no master plan, just the belief we could deliver creative, bespoke and ultimately really great campaigns for people we respect and love to work with.

What does a day in the life of your job look like?

No day is ever the same which I love. When not at an event often I’ll begin a day meeting a journalist friend to chat about new projects and grab breakfast. Then ideally I’ll get back to office and tackle my emails which will already be mounting. Throughout the day I’ll be dividing my time between speaking with my media contacts to place coverage, brainstorming with the team on campaign strategies and liaising and meeting with clients to ensure they are getting exactly what they need from myself and the team. When on site at festivals we’ll get up early-doors, set up the on-site press accreditation desk to ensure all journalists get their passes for the weekend. We’ll also have an on-site press office which will be ours and our media’s base for the entire event. This is where we schedule and arrange all interviews with artists playing at the festival, escort all photographers for pit runs (i.e. in front of the main stages where they can shoot the first three songs of every act, no flash) and ultimately make sure everyone has everything they need to write up their reviews. We’ll likely clock off around midnight once the final main stage act has finished then enjoy a few drinks and a dance watching some of music that is still going on. The days are long and but it’s fun and no matter how little sleep we’ll get we’ll be up the next day, at the crack of dawn and do it all again!

What’s your favourite thing about working at Full Fat?

The people you meet. Whether its those who curate and create the festivals and events, or those who report on them, hands down I’ve met some of the most interesting, inspiring and fun people whilst working at my job. Combine these three things makes for an interesting day at the office!

What would be your advice to people aspiring to work in a creative industry?

Go that extra mile, work hard, be helpful, kind, fun and friendly to be around. A positive person in the office and especially on site at an event (no matter how tired you may be) is one of the best assets any team can have.