Min Wilder and Noah Livingston are the two main characters in Brendan Reichs' enthralling YA debut, NemesisHere Brendan shares his playlists for these two unique characters, giving you a further insight into their personalities.

Min Wilder's Playlist

This playlist is for Min Wilder, one of the two major point-of-view character in Nemesis

Min has a unique problem—every two years, on her birthday, she is killed by the same man in a black suit. Except that Min doesn’t die like a normal person. Instead, each time, a few hours later she wakes up in a field about a mile away from her home without a scratch on her—alone, unhurt, and with all evidence of the terrible crime erased. After her fifth murder, on her sixteen birthday, Min's decided that she’s had enough. She begins to investigate the impossible thing that is happening to her, and, in doing so, uncovers a far-reaching conspiracy in her tiny Idaho vacation town, one that may be even more sinister than the murders, and may implicate the future of life on Earth itself.

I think this playlist fits both Min’s character and the mood I like to be in when I write her scenes. So, to me, it exists both as a playlist on Min's iPhone and as a soundtrack to her life. I hope you enjoy it!


Noah Livingston's Playlist 

This playlist is for Noah Livingston, the second point-of-view character in Nemesis. Noah's different from Min in that he’s been much more trusting, and has been manipulated to a far greater extent.

Noah has the same unique problem as Min—every two years, on his birthday, he is attacked and killed by a black-suit man. After each murder Noah wakes up in a barren cave a few hours later, unable to remember how he got there. Noah believes he suffers from psychotic breaks, and that the murders he remembers as real are really just sleepwalking nightmares. After all, that’s what his psychiatrist tells him, and surely Dr. Lowell has his best interests at heart. Right?

After his fifth murder on his sixteen birthday, Noah begins to question everything he’s ever been told. He sees cracks in the stories he’s been told all his lives, and discovers that many of the adults around him are not what the seem. With Min’s help—a girl he hasn’t been friends with in years—Noah starts to uncover a massive government conspiracy centered on their isolated Idaho vacation town, one that may affect the lives of every person on the planet.

This playlist fits both Noah’s emotional state in Nemesis and the mood I aim for when I write his scenes. So it's both a playlist Noah would own and his own personal soundtrack. If you don’t know some or even all of these songs, I urge you to check them out!