Released on 01 January 2010.

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40 Years of The Magic Roundabout

and Andy Lane

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The Magic Roundabout was created by Serge Danot in 1963 under the title Le Manege Enchante and rapidly became essential viewing for a generation. The gentle stylish narration of Eric Thompson, father of Emma Thompson, gave the BBC series an undercurrent of adult wit and it became a cult classic. Captivating children and flummoxing adults, who were left wondering whether it was a French political satire, an allusion to 1960s hippy culture or just a harmless piece of fun, at its peak The Magic Roundabout drew audiences of 8 million. It was successfully revived in the early 90s by Channel 4, gaining a whole new student fanbase.

Now nearly 40 years on, adults will wallow in nostalgia while a whole new generation of fans will witness the magic of the Roundabout.

The Magic Roundabout is a major international animated feature film with a dazzling voice cast of world famous names. Starring Robbie Williams as Dougal, Kylie Minogue as Florence, Joanna Lumley as Ermintrude, Jim Broadbent as Brian the snail, Ian McKellan as Zebedee and Tom Baker as new character ZeeBad, the film will transform the whimsical 1960s series into a treat for the 21st century.

40 Years of the Magic Roundabout will celebrate this wonderful, magical series from its original incarnation on the BBC, to the 3D animated feature film. Pathe controls rights to the original series and the book will include the transcripts, artwork and stills from the television series as well as the CGI animated film. It will be the first glorious, full colour tribute to a legendary series that has stood the test of time.