Released on 03 October 2008.

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A Book for People Who Want to Become Stinking Rich but Aren't Quite Sure How

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Even in these gloomy days, all it takes to lift yourself out of wage slavery and become unhealthily rich is one bright idea.

Bestselling authors and entrepreneurs Benrik are overflowing with cutting-edge schemes that they simply don't have time to develop themselves. As first seen in a weekly column in the "Independent on Sunday", some of those ideas are genius, while others seem plainly insane - but any could propel you from your current lowly status to that of a multimillionaire. Includes:

* Celebrity-worn underwear: fans would pay a premium to purchase underwear actually worn by their favourite stars, however fleetingly.

* A chain of beginners’ gyms: Where beginners can exercise without fear of ridicule (and with fake weights).

* Airport Public X-Ray Machine: Manufacture giant screen x-ray machines, so the bored queuing travellers can assist with explosives-detection.

Fully illustrated! Makes the ideal credit crunch Christmas gift!