Released on 21 April 2016.

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How six trafficked girls were saved from a lifetime of slavery in Britain

and DC Colin Ward

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Exposed tells the shocking true story of how an anonymous phone call led to the discovery of a group of girls forced into sexual slavery in the UK.

As a police officer, you never know what lies behind any door that you're about to open. But when an anonymous tip-off alerts DC Colin Ward and his team that there may be a girl desperately in need of help, even he is unprepared for the chilling scale of the trafficking gang he finds.

Colin discovers a group of vulnerable girls who have been trafficked into Britain and forced into sexual slavery, working in the most appalling of conditions. At first the girls are too frightened to seek help, but slowly the detective begins to win their trust. Together they help launch an international police investigation and bring to justice the ruthless gang run by a father and son that controlled and abused them.

This captivating book shines a harsh light on the realities of human trafficking on the streets of Britain and tells the moving story of how six young women were rescued from a lifetime of fear and abuse.