Hari - A Hero for Hire

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Hari Majestic is back with a bang and his own detective agency. When his first case of suspected marital infidelity goes from super boring to super dangerous in one giant leap, he lands in the Globalized Style Super Speciality Hospital with a broken leg.

But trouble follows him when he wakes up after the operation to find that life will never be the same again. And can he really trust the very charming Nurse Diamond?

Set in Bengaluru's downmarket Majestic area, Hari's adventures escalate as he with the help of his crazy friends-a video pirate, a cybercafe owner and a macho autorickshaw driver-goes deeper undercover than anybody's ever been before in this spicy medical thriller.

About Zac O'Yeah

Zac O'Yeah is the author of the popular comic thriller Once Upon a Time in Scandinavistan and Mr Majestic! The Tout of Bengaluru which is the first of the Hari Majestic crime and detective series. He has written over twelve other books which have been translated into several languages. Previously, he worked in the theatre and music business in Sweden until he retired early, at age twenty-five, to go to India. His books range from bestselling detective fiction to history and travelogue, and he has also translated Indian literature into Swedish.

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Books by Zac O'Yeah

Mr Majestic - The Tout of Bengaluru
Mr Majestic - The Tout of Bengaluru