Life Honestly

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20 September 2018
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Life Honestly is compendium of feminist takes on a broad range of topics, comprised of chapters on gender politics and power; work; friendship; body; love, sex and relationships; wombs; mind; money; life lessons; parenting and style. Within each chapter is a curated selection of the best and most-read articles from The Pool – an award-winning digital platform for women – written by real women, for real women.

Featuring an introduction by co-founder Sam Baker, this fabulous collection is full of articles to inspire you. The pieces vary in length, which makes this a perfect collection to dip into for a few minutes while you wait for the kettle to boil, or something meatier for your morning commute. Some are long and some are short but they all pack a punch. From Sali Hughes on blended families to Viv Groskop offering fresh perspectives on daily problems, Life Honestly is a collection of advice, comment and opinion that acts as a complete guide to modern life.

These writers are empowering, engaging and unapologetic about their views: Life Honestly is full of lessons and observations on what it means to be a woman now.