A Problem Shared: AJ Pearce & Bel Mooney

Problems, weÕve all got Ôem. But do the sticky situations we find ourselves in vary according to the era we live in, or are the personal dilemmas we face timeless ones? From unplanned pregnancies and inappropriate flirting, to family feuds and painful shyness, join us for some lively debate with two authors expertly qualified to discuss this question. Bel Mooney is a renowned author, journalist and broadcaster who has written numerous books for both children and adults. Her hugely popular advice column in SaturdayÕs Daily Mail reaches six million people every week. In composing her replies to those who write in about love, loss, break-ups and breakdowns, Bel never shies away from sharing her own life experiences of grief, forgiveness and joy. Her book ÒLifelines: Words to Help You ThroughÓ collects many of the problems she has tackled over the years. A.J. Pearce is the author of bestselling debut novel, ÒDear Mrs BirdÓ, a wonderfully warm-hearted tale which she partly researched by reading womenÕs magazines from the wartime period. Set in London in 1940, itÕs the story of Emmy Lake, a young woman with dreams of becoming a Lady War Correspondent, who spots a newspaper advertisement for what seems to be the ideal job. But after an unfortunate misunderstanding she finds herself typing letters for the formidable Henrietta Bird, the renowned agony aunt of WomanÕs Friend magazine. Chaired by Stroud Book Festival Artistic Director, Caroline Sanderson

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