Alec Ash at Cheltenham Festival of Literature

Alec will be in conversation discussing the themes in his new book, Wish Lanterns, as part of a panel discussion entitled The Human Faces of China. " "From the passionate foot soldiers of the Cultural Revolution to those born under a one-child policy into a life of expectation, China is a nation defined by generational differences. Journalist and author Xinran is joined by China correspondent Rob Schmitz (Street of Eternal Happiness) and Beijing writer and journalist Alec Ash as they build a fascinating portrait of the distinct personal experiences that lie behind a country all too often characterised by stereotypes.

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    The Town Halll


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    07/10/2016 1:00 PM

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    07/10/2016 2:00 PM

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About Alec Ash

Alec Ash is a writer and journalist in Beijing. " " " "He studied English literature at Oxford University. After graduating he taught in a Tibetan village in western China for a summer, before moving to Beijing in 2008. " " " "His articles have been published in The Economist, Prospect, Dissent and Foreign Policy among others. He is a correspondent for the Los Angeles Review of Books, a contributing author to the book of reportage Chinese Characters, the author of Wish Lanterns: Young Lives in New China and founder of the Anthill, a writers' colony of stories from China.