An Evening with Nadia Marks

Discover the Secrets Under the Sun with Nadia Marks, author of the bestselling Among Lemon Trees. Nadia will be discussing her fabulously romantic new page-turner set in Cyprus. " "In the small seaside town of Larnaka, three childhood friends have reunited for the funeral of Katerina, the much-loved old woman who had a profound effect on their lives. " " " "Eleni, Marianna and Adonis grew up together, as close as siblings. " "Katerina's loss leaves the friends bereft, but the funeral is not just a time to mourn and remember. Adonis's mother decides that with Katerina's death comes the time to share the family's secrets and answer the riddles of their childhood. " " " "A story of deception, forbidden love and undying loyalty unravels. What she reveals will change everything...

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    Waterstones Crouch End

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    22/05/2018 7:15 PM

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    22/05/2018 8:30 PM

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