Andrew Lane at Guernsey Literary Festival

ANDREW LANE: Young Sherlock " "He's the most brilliant mind in fiction. But before he became the world's greatest detective who was young Sherlock Holmes and how did his crime-fighting career begin? Join Andrew Lane, creator of the Young Sherlock series, as he puts everyone's favourite PI under the magnifying glass. Investigating all things Sherlock - from his TV persona to his legacy in modern detective fiction - Andrew also opens the latest Young Sherlock casebook, Night Break, a gripping new mystery featuring the brilliant, troubled and engaging teenage sleuth.

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    Guernsey Literary Festival

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    20/09/2015 2:30 PM

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    20/09/2015 3:30 PM

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About Andrew Lane

Andrew Lane is an author, journalist and lifelong Sherlock Holmes fan. This is his first series for young adults. He lives in Hampshire with his wife and son. Andrew's passion for the original novels of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle and his determination to create an authentic teenage Sherlock Holmes made him the perfect choice to work with the Conan Doyle Estate to reinvent the world’s most famous detective in this new series.