Berwins Salon North: The Story of Us

We are living through a great communication revolution, where falsehood regularly seems to overwhelm truth and social media churns out vast amounts of unreliable news to compete with traditional, established journalism. Alan Rusbridger examines the past, present and future of the press, and the forces threatening its freedom. With twenty years’ experience as editor of the Guardian, Rusbridger discusses why quality journalism matters now more than ever.Everyone knows about DNA, but the information in DNA is useless without the machine to decode it: the ribosome, “the mother of all molecules”. From fumbling experiments in a biology lab to a fierce competition at the cutting edge of science, Nobel Prize winner Venki Ramakrishnan will tell the story of his race to uncover the ribosome’s complex structure, a breakthrough that resolves an ancient mystery or life itself.Star of her own BBC Radio 4 series Natalie Haynes brings her unique combination of ancient history and stand-up comedy to theatres and festivals in 2019. Alongside her latest novel, A Thousand Ships, Natalie will take audiences on a tour around the Trojan War; from the causes of the war to its complex aftermath, bringing the untold stories of the women whose lives the war affected out of the shadows