Brian Blessed

The very definition of larger than life. With his booming voice, " "huge frame and electric personality, Brian has been entertaining " "us for nearly 60 years. He burst onto the scene in TV's Z-Cars " "and has enjoyed a career that has included a stint in the original " "production of Cats, works by Shakespeare, Peppa Pig - and, of " "course, Flash Gordon. From growing up as the son of a miner in " "Goldthorpe to nearly causing an international incident when " "meeting the Emperor of Japan, via falling for Katherine Hephurn " "and winning round George Lucas for a part in Star Wars, Brian will " "look back on an action-packed life in his inimitable, boisterous " "style. Oh, and he also sparred with Mohmammed Ali, attempted " "to climb Everest three times and became the oldest man to trek " "to the magnetic North Pole. A real national treasure comes to " "the Kenton stage to talk about his aptly named memoir, Absolute " "Pandemonium. Henley's Alive!

  • Location

    Kenton Theatre

    21 New Street Henley-on-Thames

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  • Event Start Date

    04/10/2015 1:00 PM

  • Event End Date

    04/10/2015 2:00 PM

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