Clare Mulley at The Lengths They Will Go To

Most of the time, we live neatly within our comfort zones, but sometimes life can push us to the edges of ourselves - particularly in war when the rules of normal living have been suspended. " " " "For women, particularly, war can offer a form of liberation in extremis that peacetime doesn't offer so that we can find the best and the worst in ourselves. This panel brings together four authors - Elizabeth Buchan, David Ebsworth, Marina Fiorato and Clare Mulley - whose books - fiction and non-fiction - lead us along the paths that desperation and opportunity open up, into the lives of women who had the courage to follow where they led. Chaired by Emma Darwin.

About Clare Mulley

Clare Mulley is the author of The Woman Who Saved the Children: A Biography of Eglantyne Jebb, which won the Daily Mail BiographersÂ’ Club Prize.