David Crystal at Ucheldre Centre

When was the last time someone gave you a 'jawbation'? " " " "Can't remember? That's because old regional words have all but disappeared - and they are just waiting for linguist David Crystal to rediscover them. Hosted by the wonderful Ebb & Flo Bookshop; there will be an opportunity for a Q&A and book signing after the talk. " "jawbation (noun) - A long and tedious harangue; a scolding, severe lecture, or reprimand.

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    Ucheldre Centre

    Holyhead Millbank

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    10/10/2015 7:00 PM

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    10/10/2015 9:00 PM

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About David Crystal

David Crystal works from his home in Holyhead, North Wales, as a writer, editor, lecturer and broadcaster. He has published extensively on the history and development of English, including The Stories of English, Evolving English and Spell It Out: The Singular Story of English Spelling. He and his son Ben joined forces to co-write You Say Potato and The Oxford Illustrated Dictionary of Shakespeare. He held a chair at the University of Reading for ten years, and is Honorary Professor of Linguistics at the University of Bangor. He was 'Master of Original Pronunciation' at Shakespeare's Globe in London for its productions of Romeo and Juliet and Troilus and Cressida in 2004-5, and has since acted as an accent consultant for other such productions worldwide.