David Olusoga at Charleston Festival

  • Charleston Farmhouse, BN8 6LL
    Charleston Farmhouse
  • 27/05/2017 16:00 - 27/05/2017 16:00


Civilisation: David Olusoga and James Stourton with Frances Spalding Kenneth Clark's groundbreaking glories of western art series Civilisation, broadcast in the late 1960s, is part of BBC TV's mythology, although it was challenged by John Berger's Ways of Seeing. James Stourton, biographer of Clark, reveals the man behind the patrician TV presenter exterior. David Olusoga is one of three new presenters for a remake of Civilisation, focusing on great artworks created across continents. Historian David Olusoga also presented the Black and British series on BBC2. James Stourton is an art historian. Chaired by Frances Spalding, art historian and biographer.

David Olusoga is a British-Nigerian historian, broadcaster and BAFTA award-winning presenter and filmmaker. His previous books include The Kaiser's Holocaust and The World's War. He was also a contributor to The Oxford Companion to Black British History.