Douglas Smith and Robert Service at The British Library

The Last Days of the Tsars: Robert Service and Douglas Smith . The Twilight of the Romanovs

In 1916-17, despite a disastrous war and evident popular unrest, Tsar Nicholas II and Empress Alexandra seem astonishingly, even wilfully unaware of how serious the threats are to their 300 year dynasty, and to themselves. Aloof, sheltered, in communion with Rasputin, their view of themselves was utterly contrary to the reality. Revolution, abdication and execution were to follow in the coming months. Two accomplished historians of Russia, Robert Service and Douglas Smith have made use of untapped sources, diaries and recorded conversations to shed light on this extraordinary time. They revisit this remarkable time in history and ask how far the end of the Romanov was inevitable, and if they were largely responsible for their own demise.

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    26/05/2017 7:00 PM

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About Robert Service

Robert Service is a Fellow of the British Academy and of St Anthony's College, Oxford. He has written several books, including the highly acclaimed Lenin: A Biography, Russia: Experiment with a People , Stalin: A Biography and Comrades: A History of World Communism, as well as many other books on Russia's past and present. Trotsky: A Biography was awarded the 2009 Duff Cooper Prize. Married with four children, he lives in London.