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Casting new light on the heirs of the doomed king and his unpopular but indefatigable Catholic Queen, Henrietta Maria, acclaimed historian, Linda Porter, brings to life their personalities, legacies, feuds and rivalries for the first time. Elizabeth and Henry were used as pawns in the parliamentary campaign against their father; Mary, the Princess Royal, was whisked away to the Netherlands as the child bride of the Prince of Orange; Henriette Anne's redoubtable governess escaped with the King's youngest child to France where she grew up under her mother's thumb and eventually married the cruel and flamboyant Philippe d'Orleans. When their dark and ugly brother Charles eventually succeeded his father onto the English throne after fourteen years of wandering, he promptly enacted a vengeful punishment on those who had spurned his family, with his brother James firmly in his shadow. " " " "A tale of love and endurance, of battles and flight, of educations disrupted,the lonely death of a young princess and the wearisome experience of exile, Royal Renegades charts the fascinating story of loving parents who simply could not protect their progeny from the upheaval sweeping England.

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About Linda Porter

Linda Porter has a doctorate in History from the University of York, where she studied early modern English and French history under the late Professor Gwyn Williams. She was the winner of the 2004 Biographers Club/Daily Mail Prize, which helped launch her on a new career as an author. Her first book, Mary Tudor, The First Queen, was published to critical acclaim by Portrait in 2007. She is a regular contributor to BBC History Magazine and History Today. She lives in Kent.