London Literature Festival - Forms of Enchantment: Fairy Tales Reimagined

Fairy tales fuse enchantment with the everyday, capturing timeless human hopes and concerns in narratives which have resonated with authors and audiences alike for centuries. In recent times, contemporary authors have increasingly turned to fairy and folktales in writing which subverts expectations and challenges traditional power dynamics of race, class or gender. Do the oral origins of fairy tales, rooted in folklore and word of mouth, lend themselves to a more democratic and various view of the world around us? Why do tales of enchantment chime with our politically disenchanted times? What is it about tales of monsters, witches, green children and talking animals that speak to the present? Hear from three acclaimed contemporary writers -- Daisy Johnson, Sharlene Teo and Rebecca Tamás -- as they discuss what compels them to draw on fairy and folktales in their fiction and poetry. The conversation will be chaired by Dr Octavia Bright - a writer, broadcaster and academic. Working across disciplines, she writes criticism, fiction, poetry and librettos, and co-hosts literary podcast and NTS radio show, Literary Friction, with Carrie Plitt