Penrose Halson at Richmond Upon Thames Literature Festival

Marriages Are Made in Bond Street True Stories from a 1940s Marriage Bureau In the summer of 1939, with the Second World War looming, two determined young women, Heather Jenner and Mary Oliver decided to open a marriage bureau. They found a tiny office on London's Bond Street and set about the delicate business of match-making. " " " "Penrose Halson found herself proprietor of the bureau many years later. She has now written an absorbing and heartwarming account of the early days of the bureau, drawn from the extensive archives she discovered. A television series based on the book is in development.

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    The Bingham

    61 Petersham Road

    Richmond upon Thames

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    08/11/2016 7:00 PM

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    08/11/2016 8:00 PM

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About Penrose Halson

Penrose Halson's career encompassed teaching, writing, editing and, to her astonishment, becoming first lady Master of a City Livery Company. Her determined mother sent her to the Katharine Allen Marriage & Advice Bureau, of which she became proprietor in 1986. In 1992 it incorporated Heather Jenner's agency. Aged forty-eight she finally delighted her mother by marrying and lives in London with her husband. She is the author of Marriages Are Made in Bond Street.