Rebecca Wait at Cornbury Festival

Rebecca Wait at Cornbury Festival
  • Cornbury Festival, Literary Tent, Great Tew Estate, Oxfordshire
    Cornbury Festival, Literary Tent
    Great Tew Estate Oxfordshire ,
  • 12/07/2015 12:30 - 12/07/2015 13:00

Rebecca Wait's gripping second novel The Followers is story about cults and the manipulative powers of those that put themselves in charge. Rebecca's fascination with cults and cult psychology began after an unusual summer spent working in France, where she found herself in a strange room, surrounded by aggressively excited people praying for her in tongues. Join Rebecca as she discusses the inspiration behind her novel, and her fascination with cult psychology.

About Rebecca Wait

Rebecca Wait has been writing for as long as she can remember and has won numerous prizes for short stories and plays. She wrote The View on the Way Down in the evenings whilst working as a teaching assistant. " " " " Rebecca lives in London. You can find her online at: and