Russell Brand at Slough Aspire

Russell Brand at Slough Aspire
  • Slough Aspire, Slough Aspire, 350 Edinburgh Avenue, Slough, SL1 4TU
    Slough Aspire
    Slough Aspire 350 Edinburgh Avenue Slough, SL1 4TU UNITED KINGDOM


Trinity and SHOC will be holding an intimate audience with Russell Brand, as part of World Homeless Day on Tuesday 10th October. At this exclusive, ticket only event, Russell will be giving away signed copies of his new book - Recovery - to every attendee. As part of this event you will also have a one-time opportunity to purchase artwork created by clients and residents of Trinity and SHOC, a project run in conjunction with Arts For Life. With all proceeds going to Trinity and SHOC we thank you in advance for your support. We hope you can make it, and look forward to seeing your there!

Russell Brand is a comedian and an addict.

He's been addicted to drugs, sex, fame, money and power. Even now as a new father, fourteen and a half years into recovery he still writes about himself in the third person and that can't be healthy.

This is his fourth book. He still performs as a comic and is studying for an MA in Religion in Global Politics. He has two cats, a dog, a wife, a baby, 10 chickens and 60 thousand bees in spite of being vegan curious. He is certain that the material world is an illusion but still keeps licking the walls of the hologram.