I Wonder Why Book Series

The best selling book series for 5-8 year olds now has a fresh new look. The question and answer format is perfect for engaging curious readers, and delivering solid information that encourage imaginative discussion.

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Basher Book Series Sizzle Video

Quirky, manga-style illustrations featuring smart, cool characters that bring big ideas down to earth--and make learning completely fun! Check out the web site at (goes live late April).

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 Kingfisher is a leading international publisher of illustrated information books, with a readership ranging from pre-schoolers taking their first steps into the world of non-fiction to students who find our encyclopedias to be an essential support to their research. With a first-class reputation for creating authoritative yet accessible educational series alongside innovative stand-alone titles, Kingfisher truly has global reach. Most of our books – on subjects as diverse as natural history, science, geography, history, art and even philosophy – are published around the world in 20 languages or more. Our groundbreaking Basher Science series has sold more than 1.5 million copies proving that authoritative reference, innovative design and imaginative writing are a winning way to make learning fun.


Kingfisher Catalogue 2011
Kingfisher Catalogue 2011
Kingfisher Catalogue 2011


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Kingfisher Books

  • Basher Basics: Music
  • Basher ABC
  • Really Really Big Questions