Margaret Dickinson

Margaret Dickinson

About Margaret Dickinson

Born in Gainsborough, Lincolnshire, Margaret moved to the coast at the age of seven and so began her love for the sea and the Lincolnshire landscape. Her ambition to be a writer began early and she had her first novel published at the age of twenty-five. This was followed by twenty-nine further titles, many of which are set in the heart of her home country. Most recently, a visit to the wonderful National Tramway Museum in Crich, Derbyshire, inspired The Clippie Girls, and the magnificent Gunby Hall, Lincolnshire, was the inspiration for Fairfield Hall.

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Welcome Home

Books by Margaret Dickinson

  • Sons and Daughters
  • Suffragette Girl
  • Welcome Home
  • Sow the Seed
  • Reap The Harvest
  • Plough the Furrow
  • Pride of the Courtneys
  • Portrait of Jonathan
  • Lifeboat!
  • Beloved Enemy
  • The Road to Hell
  • Brackenbeck
  • Abbeyford
  • Abbeyford Inheritance
  • Abbeyford Remembered
  • Christmas Fireside Stories: A collection of heart-warming Christmas short stories from six bestsell
  • Tangled Threads
  • Twisted Strands
  • Sing As We Go
  • Fairfield Hall
  • Without Sin
  • Pauper's Gold
  • Wish Me Luck
  • The Clippie Girls
  • Fisher Lass
  • The River Folk
  • The Tulip Girl
  • Jenny's War
  • Chaff Upon the Wind
  • Red Sky in the Morning
  • That Fisher Lass
  • The Miller's Daughter
  • Forgive and Forget

The Fleethaven Trilogy: an ebook bundle

A sweeping Lincolnshire family saga spanning two world wars and three generations of women brought together and driven apart on the land they love, The Fleethaven Trilogy is an ebook exclusive containing three of Margaret Dickinson's novels.

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Plough the Furrow begins in 1910. Esther Everatt, shunned by her family and desperate for work and a place to say, finds her way to Sam Brumby’s farm. Able to work alongside any man, she earns old Sam’s grudging respect. Prepared to risk everything to secure her future, Esther marries a local farmhand. But as war arrives she comes to understand that only the truest of love can survive the passing of the seasons.

Sow the Seed follows the story of Kate, Esther’s daughter. Kate is determined to marry her childhood sweetheart, Danny. But when she reaches eighteen Kate is told the bitter truth of her family’s past and the reasons why marriage to Danny can never happen. Heart-broken Kate witnesses many things amidst the chaos and destruction of WWII, which finally lead her to experience a love that allows her to leave the past behind.

Reap the Harvest is set in the aftermath of the disastrous Lincolnshire floods of 1953. Kate’s daughter Ella finds herself compelled to live at Brumby’s Farm with her grandmother, Esther. This story of love, war, secrets and tragedy is determined to repeat itself in heartache before coming full circle and bringing this glorious trilogy to a close.

Dear Reader: a letter from Margaret Dickinson

Dear Reader,

From an early age I dreamed of becoming a writer and between 1968 and 1984 I had eight novels published in hardback by Robert Hale. Then followed seven years in which I was unable to write because of very heavy family commitments. By 1991 life was a little easier and I was able to start writing again. My greatest ambition was to be published in paperback. I was very lucky in finding the literary agent Darley Anderson, who advised me to write a regional saga. At that time I was unable to travel very far to do detailed research so I began to write about the area I knew and loved – Lincolnshire – the place where I grew up and lived. In particular, I focused on the flat farming land near the coast, which I so love. And this was how Plough the Furrow was born.

I soon realized that this story was going to be more than one book and in fact it became a trilogy – the story of three generations of women. When Darley sold the first novel to Pan Macmillan and they published it in September 1994 I was over the moon. My thirty-eight-year dream finally came true when I first saw a paperback of Plough the Furrow on the shelves in WH Smith! So this trilogy really does have a special place in my heart, as these books were the first of my stories published into paperback and began my career with Pan Macmillan, which has so far spanned twenty titles.

Margaret Dickinson

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Double Trouble: a short story by Margaret Dickinson

If the war hadn’t come along, none of it would have happened. Rose would never have met Rob Parkin – and, more importantly, neither would I!

You’d never know we were sisters. Rose – one year and one month older than me – is tall, willowy and gorgeous with curly dark hair and melting brown eyes. Me, I’m blond, blue-eyed and dumpy and, sadly, not even pretty. People gaze at Rose and hardly notice me. But they can’t ignore me for long, because I bounce around like a jack-in-a-box and chatter nineteen-to-the-dozen.

‘Oh do sit still, Sally, and be quiet,’ has always been my mother’s constant reproach. ‘I can’t take you anywhere twice.’

‘Unless,’ my father would say with a twinkle in his eye, ‘it’s back to

I have to admit, though, Rose is the perfect sister. She’s never allowed me to feel left out. ‘This is my little sister, Sally,’ she’d introduce me, but always with a gentle, restraining hand on my shoulder.

Although we are so different to look at and in personality, we’re surprisingly similar in the things we like. It’s a good job we are, especially in clothes because I used to get all Rose’s cast-offs, though they always had to be taken up or let out to fit me!

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