Goth Girl: and the Ghost of a Mouse

Goth Girl

and the Ghost of a Mouse

Chris Riddell

A deliciously dark new offering from the award-winning author-illustrator of the OTTOLINE books

Ada Goth is the only child of Lord Goth. The two live together in the enormous Ghastly-Gorm Hall. Lord Goth believes that children should be heard and not seen, so Ada has to wear large clumpy boots so that he can always hear her coming. This makes it hard for her to make friends and, if she's honest, she's rather lonely.

Then one day William and Emily Cabbage come to stay at the house, and together with a ghostly mouse called Ishmael they and Ada begin to unravel a dastardly plot that Maltravers, the mysterious indoor gamekeeper, is hatching. Ada and her friends must work together to foil Maltravers before it's too late!

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Macmillan Children's Books
ISBN: 9780230759800
Publication date: 12.09.2013
Number of pages: 224
Dimensions: 197mm x 130mm

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Read an extract from Goth Girl

Ada Goth sat up in her eight-poster bed and peered into the inky blackness. There it was again. A sigh, soft and sad and ending in a little squeak. Ada looked across the bedroom as she held up the candle and stepped out of bed. ‘Who’s there?’ she whispered. Ada was the only child of Lord Goth of Ghastly-Gorm Hall, the famous cycling poet. Her mother had been a beautiful tightrope walker from Thessalonika, whom Lord Goth had met and married on his travels. Unfortunately Parthenope had been killed when Ada was still a baby, while practising on the roof of Ghastly-Gorm Hall during a thunderstorm.

Lord Goth never talked about that terrible night. Instead he stayed at home in his huge house, shut away in his study writing extremely long poems. When he wasn’t writing, Lord Goth spent his time riding his hobby horse Pegasus, around the grounds and taking potshots at the garden ornaments with a blunderbuss. Before long he had acquired a reputation for being mad, bad and dangerous to gnomes.

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