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A Phenomenals Glossary

The Phenomenals is full of strange and perculiar words you may not have heard of, here is a guide to some of them:

Phenomenals – these are particularly nasty Supermundane Entities (Superents for short). They travel in small groups and have the ability to come and go unseen, unless they wish to reveal themselves. They are wholly malevolent and very difficult to destroy.

Lurids – Lurids are the restless shades of executed murderers. A huge horde of Lurids is trapped on the Tar Pit of Degringolade.  They cannot escape because they are unable to cross the salt marsh. They can be repelled by salt and black beans. They are compelled to count black beans if they are thrown at them.

Noctivagrantes – these Superents are night wanderers, they do not come above ground but instead roam underground. They have needle-sharp teeth and attack in large groups.

Pluriba (singular Pluribus) – Pluriba cannot go underground. They are made up of Supermundane particles and form when there is particularly nasty evilry (don’t know if that is a word…) afoot. They are shaped like huge green blobs and they kill by casting themselves upon you and smothering you with their toxic ‘ghouze’, a sort of ghoul goo. 

Films that have inspired F.E. Higgins

All the Harry Potter movies – I just love the detail, the spells and the way the characters grow through the series. I haven’t actually read the books!

Deliverance - this film is about 40 years old now, but the theme running through it, of man against nature and himself, are timeless.              

Diary of a Wimpy Kid – These films make me laugh out loud, they remind me of when I was at school.

Journey to the Centre of the Earth and Journey 2: The Mysterious Island – I like action in movies – the scene where the children fly on giant bees is fabulous.

Dark Shadows – the idea of a vampire coming back to reclaim his inheritance is just great.

Zathura – this film is about two warring brothers who find a mysterious board game in their basement and start to play it with perilous consequences for them both. I love the idea of a game ‘coming to life’ and there is an interesting time travel strand too.

Batman and Robin 1960s TV series – hilarious, every episode ends on a cliff-hanger!

Tales of the Unexpected – I was hooked on this TV series in the 80s, every tale had a twist in the tail.

About F. E. Higgins

F.E. Higgins’ Current Reading List

At school I was a great fan of the Tolkien books, The Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit, and the Narnia series, and I was very influenced by a book called Travelling Magic by Elisabeth Beresford, in which there was an owl called Horace who spoke Latin. He was owned by a wonderfully eccentric wizard from centuries ago. 

Jennie by Paul Gallico entranced me at around the age of 10, it is  about a boy who turned into a cat, I see it has been reprinted in the last year or so.

More recently I have read City of Masks by Mary Hoffman, which I absolutely loved, along with Skulduggery Pleasant, The Spook’s Apprentice and The Amulet of Samarkand.

F.E. Higgins’ research reading included . . .

Victorian London by Liza Picard and her other books in the series, Elizabeth’s London and Restoration London – great for really interesting facts about the day to day life of ordinary people hundreds of years ago. 

Horrible Histories…need I say more!

Did you know . . .

As a child, F.E. Higgins once saw a ghost…

Phenomenals playlist

Mean Green Mother from Outer Space – Levi Stubbs

Monster Mash – Bobby Pickett & The Crypt Kickers

The Munsters Theme – Jack Marshall

I Put a Spell on You – Nina Simone

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