‘A finger-on-the-pulse take on identity as an online life replaces the real thing. . .Brilliant.’ Marie Claire

‘Unnvervingly claustrophobic and enormously moving… ’ Guardian

‘Fascinating on the psychology of simulated relationships; on the safety and control offered by virtual friendship. . . A compulsive debut.’ Economist

‘A brilliantly dark look at the dangerous powers of the internet’ Stylist

‘A tense, contemporary, cautionary tale about the dangers of living a parallel life online… [a] page-turner of a thriller’ Metro

‘Dazzling…  A clever novel that marks the arrival of a terrific talent’ Woman and Home

‘The issues surrounding assisted suicide are given a new and menacing twist in Kiss Me First. . . Lottie Moggach mixes emotional intensity with a a gripping mystery.’ Express

‘Without doubt, this is one of our favourite books of the summer… dramatic and intriguing…  an absolutely unputdownable page turner…’ Red

‘An electrifying story about identity from a phenomenally gifted storyteller’ Psychologies

‘Unputdownable. A brilliant thriller for anyone who’s ever been online.’ India Knight

Kiss Me First

Leila has never met Tess, but she now knows more about Tess than anyone in the world. She’s read all of her emails, researched her past and asked Tess for every detail about her friends and family.

Tess has never met Leila. But if she wants to slip away from the world unnoticed, she needs to trust Leila with her life.

At first, Leila finds it easy to assume Tess’s identity, and no one has any reason to distrust her. But as Leila is soon to discover, there is much more to a person than the facts and there are things about life you can learn only by living it . . .

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It was a Friday night, about nine weeks into the project. Tess’s voice sounded normal, but I could see that she had been crying and her narrow face was pale. For the first few minutes of the conversation, she leaned her head back against the wall behind her bed, gaze turned to the ceiling. Then she righted it and looked straight at the camera. Her eyes were as I’d never seen them: both empty and terrified. Mum sometimes had the same look, towards the end.

‘I’m scared,’ she said.

‘What about?’ I asked, stupidly.

‘I’m so fucking scared,’ she said, and burst into tears.

She had never cried in front of me; in fact, she had told me she rarely cried. It was one of the things we had in common.

Then she sniffed, wiped her eyes with the back of her hand and said more clearly: ‘Do you understand?’

‘Of course,’ I said, although I didn’t entirely.

She looked straight into the camera for a moment, and said, ‘Can I see you?’

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About Lottie Moggach

Lottie Moggach is a journalist who has written for The Times, Financial Times, Time Out, Elle, GQ and The London Paper. She lives in north London. Kiss Me First is her first novel. Visit Lottie Moggach's website at