This is The Kills. Sutler, The Massive, The Kill, The Hit.

The Kills is an epic novel of crime and conspiracy told in four books.

It begins with a man on the run and ends with a burned body.

Author Richard House has also created audio and videos that take you beyond the boundaries of the book and into the characters’ lives outside its pages. This extra material is all on this website, and in the enhanced edition of the ebooks. 

Find out more about the difference between the enhanced and standard editions here and read about the individual books below.



Stephen Lawrence Sutler has three problems.

1. He has lost $53,000,000.

2. Hes on the run.

3. He isnt Stephen Lawrence Sutler.

Rem Gunnersen needs money. His wife needs a vacation.

Rem will find work, with seven other men, building a new city in Iraq.

The job will kill them.


Inspired by a novel,

Mr Wolf and Mr Rabbit travel to Naples.

Abduct an American student,

Kill him.

Then they start again …

A man is found in the desert, burned beyond all recognition.

Thomas Berens thinks this is the man he’s been hunting.

The last survivor.