Yes, you really can read Sutler, Book I of The Kills, for free by telling your friends about it on Twitter.

But you can only do it here, by following the instructions below. It’s really easy.

Sutler, Book I of The Kills

Stephen Lawrence Sutler has three problems.

1. He has lost $53,000,000

2. He’s on the run

3. He isn’t Stephen Lawrence Sutler

For Kindles only

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Is there a catch?
No, we’d just like you to tell people. And we think you’ll like it so much you’ll want to read the rest. The following ebooks, The Massive, The Kill and The Hit, are all out now, so once you've finished Sutler you can move on to the rest.

What do I do?
Follow the instructions below the book jacket – it’s really easy. The Tweet or Facebook message is ready made for you to post, with some space to add a comment if you like. Once you’ve pressed send, we’ll give you the ebook.  

What will I get?
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How long will it take?
As long as it takes for you to press a button. You’ll be sent the link for the file immediately. The exact download time will depend on your browser’s speed, but we estimate less than a minute.

Where can I find my download?
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Can I buy a copy instead?
Yes, that’s great! Head over to the buy page where you can buy the books.

Can you walk me through it?
Yes! Just click here for a step-by-step guide to paying with a tweet.

Can I get in touch?
Yes. You can email us at