Released on 03 July 2014.

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Summer's Shadow

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Her mother's will states that Summer's legal guardian is her uncle Tristan: a man Summer has never even heard of before. Forced to leave her life in London, Summer moves to Tristan's creepy, ancient house in Cornwall. There she is met with indifference from him, open hostility from her cousin, and an aunt who has chosen to leave rather than to tolerate her presence.

Soon Summer comes to believe that the house may be haunted. But is it haunted by ghosts, or by the shadows of her family's past?

Scared and lonely, Summer begins to spend more and more time in the beautiful sheltered cove she discovers nearby. But she's not alone. A local boy frequents it too. Can Summer find first love and the answers to the mysteries of her new home with this good-looking boy who appears to be too perfect to be true?

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A story wonderfully written. . . a great read for a younger audience with an interest in contemporary YA with a touch of the ghostly.
Wilson weaves a curious and intriguing tale full of suspense and beauty. Her Cornwall is a magical place, and she brings it alive with writing that seizes hold of your imagination and directs it with consumate skill. Everything is gloriously real, yet filled with magic and whimsy. Dark and brooding in places, shining bright in other, Summer's Shadow is a must for any teen with a love of reading.
Perfectly paced and haunting in its depiction of the Cornish landscape and the pains of first love, Summer's Shadow will enchant teenagers on the cusp of adulthood and steal the hearts of those who just love a finely fashioned romance.
Lancashire Evening Post