Hooray! We're Publisher of the Year

We're proud to have been named Publisher of the Year at The British Book Awards 2017. This is the second time we have won this award in the last three years.

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Taking chances is part of life...

Kate Madison's stylish second-hand clothing shop has been a big success in New York, supporting her and her four kids since her husband's death. Now her children have grown up and are ready to forge lives of their own. They all choose to play against the odds, much to their mother's dismay...

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Alice doesn't believe in luck, she believes in love...

When Alice buys her best friend Teddy a lottery ticket for his birthday and he wins 32 million dollars, they are thrown together with the world at their feet. Teddy decides that he will spend his money committing random acts of kindness, and who better to go on that adventure with him than Alice?

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The new thriller from David Baldacci

Special Agent Amos Decker witnesses a murder that takes place right outside of FBI headquarters in Washington, D.C. As Decker is thrust into the investigation, he must determine what drove this family man to pull the trigger...

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Sometimes it's the people you miss who matter most

'If ever a couple was "meant to be" it's Tess and Gus. This is such a witty, poignant and uplifting story of two lives criss-crossing over the years, with near-miss after near-miss . . . I couldn't put it down' Sophie Kinsella

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