Out on 28 March 2024

Ten Green Bottoms

Barry Timms

Illustrated by Mike Byrne

Ages 2 to 6
28 March 2024
32 pages


Count down from 10 with the green-bottomed aliens and do your 'sums with bums' in this hilarious storybook for preschoolers, which is a twist on the classic nursery rhyme Ten Green Bottles.

Join the comical alien crew and their fart-powered rocket as they land on the wall, then hit the town square, supermarket, museum and zoo, causing all kinds of mischief and mayhem along the way.

Packed full of silly humour and with lots to spot in busy scenes, this riotous rhyming story by Barry Timms and Mike Byrne is perfect for reading aloud and sharing together. With a surprise gatefold ending, a character line to count up to 10 and back down again plus a page of simple addition, number learning has never been so much fun!