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Get inspired with our selection of classic and contemporary stories, poetry collections and non-fiction books for children ages 9-12. Find ideas for indoor activities for kids that will keep them occupied on the rainiest of days here. 

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  1. Book cover for 9781529052282
    The Gingerbread Man

    Campbell Books

    Kasia Dudziuk

  2. Book cover for 9781529061697
    Sing Like No One's Listening

    Vanessa Jones

  3. Book cover for 9781529022773
    Blabber Mouth and Sticky Beak

    Morris Gleitzman

  4. Book cover for 9781529033212
    Saffy's Angel

    Hilary McKay

  5. Book cover for 9781529033328
    Permanent Rose

    Hilary McKay

  6. Book cover for 9781509866618
    Beyond the Burrow

    Jessica Meserve

  7. Book cover for 9781529035544
    Love Our Earth

    Jane Cabrera

  8. Book cover for 9781529049930
    Busy Royal Family

    Campbell Books

    Marion Billet

  9. Book cover for 9781529048896
    Little Bunny's Easter Surprise

    Lily Murray

    Julia Woolf

  10. Book cover for 9781529045765
    Fluffy Chick

    Rod Campbell

  11. Book cover for 9781529046403
    Tales from Acorn Wood Make and Do Book

    Julia Donaldson

    Axel Scheffler

  12. Book cover for 9781529052169
    You Live Where?!

    Garry Parsons

    John Hay

  13. Book cover for 9781509882250
    Albert Talbot: Master of Disguise

    Ben Manley

    Aurélie Guillerey

  14. Book cover for 9781529038446

    Campbell Books

    Lizzy Doyle

  15. Book cover for 9781529038453

    Campbell Books

    Lizzy Doyle

  16. Book cover for 9781529045048
    How to Be a Hero

    Cat Weldon

    Katie Kear

  17. Book cover for 9781529037913
    Vega Jane and the Secrets of Sorcery

    David Baldacci

    Tomislav Tomic

  18. Book cover for 9781529037920
    Vega Jane and the Secrets of Sorcery

    David Baldacci

    Tomislav Tomic

  19. Book cover for 9781529042535
    Wake Up Do, Lydia Lou!

    Julia Donaldson

    Karen George

  20. Book cover for 9781529022759
    The Thirteenth Fairy

    Melissa de la Cruz

  21. Book cover for 9781529061420
    The 117-Storey & 130-Storey CD Set
  22. Book cover for 9781529055733
    More Adventures in Moominvalley

    Amanda Li

  23. Book cover for 9781529037845
    Owl and the Lost Boy

    Amy Wilson

  24. Book cover for 9781529057751
    A Girl Called Owl

    Amy Wilson

  25. Book cover for 9781529013375
    The Orphans of St Halibut's

    Sophie Wills

    David Tazzyman

  26. Book cover for 9781447277989
    Guardians of Magic

    Chris Riddell

  27. Book cover for 9781529050509
    The Monsters of Rookhaven

    Pádraig Kenny

    Edward Bettison

  28. Book cover for 9781529013085
    Kidnap on the California Comet

    M. G. Leonard

    Sam Sedgman

    Elisa Paganelli

  29. Book cover for 9781529019247
    The Time of Green Magic

    Hilary McKay

  30. Book cover for 9781509882243
    Albert Talbot: Master of Disguise

    Ben Manley

    Aurélie Guillerey

  31. Book cover for 9781529006858
    Return to Wonderland


  32. Book cover for 9781529003994
    Umbrella Mouse to the Rescue

    Anna Fargher

    Sam Usher

  33. Book cover for 9781529029772
    The Great Blue Yonder

    Alex Shearer

  34. Book cover for 9781529035407

    Nila Aye

    Campbell Books

  35. Book cover for 9781509801640

    Julia Donaldson

    Sharon King-Chai

  36. Book cover for 9781509887910
    Runaway Robot

    Frank Cottrell-Boyce

    Steven Lenton

  37. Book cover for 9781529003154
    She is Fierce

    Ana Sampson

  38. Book cover for 9781529013061
    The Highland Falcon Thief

    M. G. Leonard

    Sam Sedgman

    Elisa Paganelli

  39. Book cover for 9781509828241
    A House Without Walls

    Elizabeth Laird

  40. Book cover for 9781509803224
    The Lotterys More or Less

    Emma Donoghue

    Caroline Hadilaksono

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